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SMC - Teacher Education: Objectives


St. Mary’s College emphasizes teacher education as a powerful means to “restore all things in Christ.” The College is concerned with forming good teachers who in turn will cooperate with divine grace in forming truly Christian children and youth.

The courses offered in education prepare students for teaching at the elementary level.

The objectives of the Teacher Education Program are to help students to:

  • Articulate a philosophy that reflects firm conviction of the important office of the Catholic teacher.

  • Apply their liberal arts education in their professional work.

  • Demonstrate effective skills in relating to and communicating with pupils, parents, administrators, and colleagues.

  • Describe the historical development of education through the ages, and particularly in Western civilization.

  • Exhibit knowledge about human growth, development, and learning, and plan activities that will promote the intellectual, moral, social, emotional, spiritual, and physical development of children and youth.

  • Demonstrate well-developed skills in the areas of curriculum planning and methodology.

  • Evaluate their own capabilities in managing a learning environment and use that information to provide quality instruction for children.

  • Develop and practice high standards of personal conduct and professional ethics.

  • Establish an on-going program for their own professional growth and development in the field of education.

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