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St. Mary's College

A view of Suarez, Canisius, Assumption Chapel, and the College building from across the quad


St. Mary’s College is a coeducational private Catholic liberal arts college with the mission to develop the minds, bodies, and souls of students in accordance with the perennial educational and moral principles of the Roman Catholic Church. Operating under the auspices of the Society of St. Pius X, the College provides a structured, traditional, social, and academic environment in which students pursue truth within a challenging, balanced liberal arts curriculum, and take active part in the life and liturgy of a thriving community fully committed to developing Christian values. St. Mary’s College is a Kansas Board of Regents approved school.


St. Mary’s College offers a comprehensive course of study based on classical liberal arts models. Given the specifically Catholic nature of the institution’s founding and operation, this curriculum necessarily focuses on Theology, Philosophy, and Classical Languages, but also includes Modern Languages and Literature, History, Mathematics, Science, and Fine Arts. Catholic liberal arts education aims to prepare young Catholic men and women to attain true freedom, personal excellence, and happiness through the systematic development of intellect and will. While ultimately in harmony with the necessarily efficient and practical ends of higher education, the liberal arts education promotes personal growth and a breadth of perspective impossible to achieve through strictly technical or vocational study by projecting ideas and diverse subject matter against the backdrop of Revelation. The St. Mary’s Associates of Arts degree will prepare students for further study in four-year elective curricula, as well as graduate and professional schools. Having completed their studies in the atmosphere of the St. Mary’s community, all students will remain acutely receptive to the possibility of a religious vocation. Perhaps the greatest legacy of a liberal arts education lies in the freedom students realize in choosing well their paths in life. Having developed a love of truth and discipline, students will assess both their career potential and realistic limitations with equal clarity. The formation encourages an insightful approach to considering various vocations in a manner most likely to ensure success and happiness in this world, and more importantly, the next.

The Curriculum

St. Mary’s College offers a fixed two-year Catholic liberal arts curriculum. The Humanities core promotes integration of all subjects, encouraging students to move beyond compartmentalized thought, and to recognize the importance of each curricular component in their ultimate formation. Within Catholic and liberal arts parameters, lower and higher sciences harmonize as the student both absorbs inductive processes and makes deductive connections; ultimately, an insightful thinker emerges, able to recognize truth through causes, free from circumstantial limitations. Such a student becomes not only a Catholic citizen of the world, but a citizen of history and heritage as well. The curriculum represents an exciting approach to the Associates of Arts degree; few institutions dedicated to liberal arts education have attempted a comprehensive two-year cycle. The St. Mary’s curriculum provides a legitimate and fully Catholic liberal arts foundation for our students, whether they choose to continue their studies in a four-year elective curriculum, or in a professional degree program.

Application Procedure

Complete and mail the Application form below to the Office of Admissions, St. Mary’s College, 200 East Mission Street, Saint Marys, Kansas 66536. Completed applications files will include:
1) Transcripts: St. Mary’s College cannot admit students without transcripts. High School graduates should request that their High School mail an official transcript directly to the College. Students entering on the basis of a GED should have the diploma-issuing school mail a transcript or records.
2) ACT/SAT Scores: Applicants must submit results from Scholastic Aptitude Tests (SAT), and/or the American College Testing (ACT) Program.
3) Transfer Materials: Transfer students must submit an official transcript from each college or university attended since high school graduation. Students with fewer than twelve semester hours of earned credit must also submit a high school transcript and ACT or SAT scores.
4) Recommendations: The College requires two letters of recommendation: the first, a personal integrity reference written by a priest with sufficient personal knowledge of the applicant; the second, an academic reference written by a former teacher or administrator (preferably not a guardian or relative).
5) Medical Forms: Applicants must provide information about medical history, to include results of a physical examination, indication of any known allergies, and a record of immunizations.
6) Rules and Decorum: Applicants and parents of minor applicants must sign the Rules and Decorum form, indicating their agreement to abide by the expectations for behavior determined by the College.
7) Financial Obligation: Applicants and parents of minor applicants must complete the Financial Obligation form, agreeing to abide by the conditions for payment indicated in the enrollment contract (payment in full, or by installment, to include additional fees).
8) Current photograph
9) Official On-campus Interview

Application Fee and Deadline

The completed application form and non-refundable $75 application fee must be postmarked on or before March 15, 2019. Late applications (those received after the March 15) will be considered only on a space-available basis. All late applications regardless of consideration will require payment of an additional non-refundable $25 late fee. Any additional materials and all fees required to complete previously submitted applications must be submitted before June 15, 2019. This is not an alternate application deadline: acceptance of these materials (late transcripts, letters of recommendation, etc.) applies ONLY to previously submitted applications. Acceptance of students based on incomplete application files is conditional: files incomplete as of June 15 are subject to closure.

Tuition, Room & Board, Fees

Tuition for the 2019-2020 academic year is $7,800, or $3,900 per semester. Room and board costs for the 2018-2019 academic year total $6,000, or $3,000 per semester. Fees: room deposit (boarding students only: $150), retreat fee (day students only: $125), copy and records fees ($125), lab fees ($100); $250 graduation fee, if applicable.


The College does not maintain an academic bookstore. Students are responsible for ordering and purchasing their own textbooks. Book lists with ISBN numbers and editions will be posted on the College website after July 15 for the Fall Semester (after December 15 for the Spring Semester), and will be distributed upon confirmation of registration.

Payment Plans and Financial Aid

To remain completely free to carry out our educational mission, the College does not participate in Federal or State education funding programs, and our students do not qualify for Federal Financial Aid. Students intending to pay via installment (before or after graduation) will meet with the Rector to discuss the terms of their Financial Obligation agreement. Students may partially offset tuition by working at the Academy or College, depending on job availability.

On-Campus Interview

To ensure both the success of prospective students and the cohesion of the College community, applicants must visit the College for an on-campus interview, preferably before the application deadline. Previous SSPX school sponsored visits will be considered, though in these cases, the College may require an additional phone interview. Please contact the College to confirm an itinerary. Students who visit the College before March 15 receive priority consideration.

Prospective Student Downloads

Academic Year 2019-2020 Application
Financial Obligation Form
Rules and Decorum Agreement
Medical Form (required for enrollment)

Current Academic Year Artifacts

Fall Schedule 2018-2019
Spring Schedule 2019
Calendar 2018-2019
Catalog 2018-2019
Book List for the 2018-2019 academic year

The Beth Gerads Memorial and Scholarship


For more information about St. Mary's College, please contact us:

     St. Mary's College Admissions
     200 East Mission Street
     St. Marys, KS 66536
     (785) 437-2471



Request for Transcript

STUDENT INFORMATION REQUESTS: The Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords certain rights to students concerning the privacy of and access to educational records. Students may choose to complete and submit this form to the Registrar allowing the release of educational records to specified third parties. This form authorizes but does not obligate St. Mary’s College to release information. The College reserves the right to review and respond to release requests on a case-by-case basis.

Click here to download the Student Information Access Form



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